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Accelerate Order Fulfillment using Mulesoft and EDI

For businesses, speed and accuracy of order fulfillment are critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a powerful tool that businesses can use to improve their processes. This blog post will take a look at using EDI to achieve success and accuracy, with a specific focus on integration with ERP systems such as NetSuite using Mulesoft.


What is fulfillment?

 A successful transaction is recorded when some or all of the items in the order are shipped to the customer.


Why choose EDI and MuleSoft for Order Fulfillment?


The Role of EDI in Order Fulfillment

EDI is a standardized method for exchanging business documents between trading partners electronically. It replaces the need for paper-based documents, reducing the time and errors associated with manual processing.


Why choose MuleSoft?

MuleSoft is a leading integration platform that facilitates the integration of systems including web applications and ERP systems such as NetSuite.


Implementing EDI-Based Fulfillment with MuleSoft and NetSuite

Step 01: Setting Up EDI in MuleSoft.

Step 02: Setting Up NetSuite configuration in MuleSoft.
Step 03: Creating Item Fulfillment in Netsuite.

Step 04: Dropping 940 document(Warehouse Shipping Order).

Step 05: Getting 945 documents(Shipment confirmation) from the warehouse.


Setting Up EDI in MuleSoft:

To set up the EDI in Mulesoft, you will need to import the module into Anypoint Studio. To do this, you must have your Anypoint platform account linked in the studio. Once that’s done, you can easily add the module by dragging it to the Mule palette.

netsuite edi mulesoft


Then create two configurations one for writing the 940 EDI file and one for the 945 read

For 940 write 

netsuite edi mulesoft

For 945 Read

mulesoft edi

These ID qualifiers need to be agreed upon by both parties 


Setting Up NetSuite configuration in MuleSoft:

In this blog, I will explore Token-Based Authentication as the preferred method to prioritize enhanced security and streamlined access control over traditional User Credentials Authentication.

netsuite configuration mulesoft

Creating Item Fulfillment in Netsuite

Set up the integration as follows 

netsuite item fulfillment

Get the fulfillment order data from the database get the appropriate Sales Order data from the NetSuite and map the required fields for item fulfillment in packed state.

netsuite sales order

Dropping 940 document(Warehouse Shipping Order)

Map the required fields for 940 as well 

netsuite warehouse shipping order

And drop that 940 EDI document in any repository where both the trending partners will drop and get the EDI files from( here considered the local repository)

Getting 945 documents(Shipment confirmation) from the warehouse:

Get the list of 945 EDI’s from the shared directory and read the individual EDI file.

Map those items that are marked as shipped by reading the 945 EDI file

netsuite shipping confirmation

Ship only the items which are marked as shipped by the warehouse

netsuite shipping confirmation

And finally, deploy the application to see the result 

Here is the sample 940 EDI file which is generated from the above integration

netsuite shipping confirmation

 And 945 EDI as well

netsuite shipping confirmation


Need more info on how to use Mulesoft to speed up order fulfillment? Talk to us today.

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