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Empowering CFOs with NetSuite Dashboards

The CFO plays a crucial role within an organization. Their responsibilities consist of overseeing cash flow, engaging in financial planning, and conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. They are also closely involved in charting the strategic direction for their organizations.

NetSuite provides a variety of dashboard tiles and portlets that provides an in-depth view of the company’s financial health and overall performance, enabling CFOs, Finance Directors or Controllers to maintain operations and plan for future contingencies. These dashboard portlets and tiles empower CFOs with the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions. 

Let’s explore some of these portlets designed to enhance the CFO’s financial awareness and operational efficiency.

Key Performance Indicators: Financial Comparisons

Key Performance Indicators offer a comprehensive comparison between specific time ranges. CFOs can utilize this portlet to view variances between payables, receivables, revenue,  expenses and total bank account balance, etc. thus enabling them to draw meaningful conclusions about profit and loss.

netsuite dashboards

Dashboard Tiles:

Dashboard Tiles showcase Financial reports or KPIs in a visually impactful layout. These tiles incorporate images and attention-grabbing titles.

netsuite dashboards

Bank Reconciliation Summary

This portlet verifies the alignment of amounts with bank statements, mitigating discrepancies that could impact overall revenue.

netsuite dashboards

Financial Overview:

It presents comparative outcomes of financial indicators, including but not limited to Revenue, EBITDA, Bank Balance, Gross Profit, and more, as depicted in the image below. This feature allows for a side-by-side analysis of key financial metrics, providing a clear and concise visual representation of the organization’s performance in these critical areas.

netsuite dashboards

Cash Flow Forecast:

The Cash Flow Forecasting SuiteApp, built on the NetSuite platform, provides ongoing weekly and monthly cash flow projections. The forecast integrates diverse data, including incoming funds, planned expenses, sales forecasts, and billing schedules. Employing sophisticated machine learning algorithms on real-time transaction data, it predicts inflows and outflows, tailored for precise business metric analysis.

netsuite dashboards

NetSuite’s diverse range of dashboard tools equips CFOs to confidently navigate the complexities of managing finances. These portlets not only provide a comprehensive overview of financial well-being but also aids in formulating strategic decisions that can help lead organizations toward success.

If you have any more questions on dashboards for CFOs, please set up a consultation with us today. We’re here to support your NetSuite journey!

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