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NetSuite Salesforce integration with Celigo 79consulting Tvarana

Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce Using Celigo

Celigo is a iPaaS platform that enables businesses of all sizes to integrate their systems with ease, thereby synching data, automating processes and streamlining operations. Established in 2010, Celigo provides a robust connector application for the NetSuite platform. These connectors can be used to effectively synch finance and sales data between NetSuite and Salesforce. This blog will cover everything you need to know about how this can be achieved. Read more below:

Salesforce Connection:

  • Login to Celigo
  • Click on Resources
  • Select Connections
  • Click on Create Connection on top right corner
  • Search for Salesforce in the applications and select it
  • Fill in all the required information
  • Click save and authorize
  • Use your Salesforce credentials and click login
  • You will see that a new Salesforce connection has been established

Salesforce-Netsuite Prebuilt connector:


  • From the menu select Marketplace
  • Search for Salesforce and select it
  • Scroll down and search for Salesforce-Netsuite installation
  • Click on install
  • Add the existing Salesforce and NetSuite connections and install the bundle and complete the installation process
  • All prebuilt flows will show up as in the screenshot below

Netsuite Items -Salesforce Products prebuilt flow:

  • This prebuilt flow in which you can edit exports, imports and mappings as per your requirement
  • These fields are auto-filled as they are prebuilt
  • Create an item saved search as per your requirement and use it here
  • In the import provide information on the kind of operation you are intending to do
  • Complete the required mapping and proceed with running the flow

Salesforce Accounts-Netsuite Customers basic flow:

  • Select the flow from prebuilt flows and start editing
  • In the sources add an export
  • In the SOQL query write a query for your export
  • Export type : Can be selected as per requirement
  • Here, Delta is selected since this flow requires data which was last modified at a specified time
  • Other options are : All,Test, Once
  • Edit the import
  • Fill in all required information and save
  • Proceed to mapping
  • Run and check if the records have been created in NetSuite

Need more information on how to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce? Set up a consultation with our team of integration experts today!

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