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netsuite custom record

NetSuite Custom Records

NetSuite custom records serve as the foundational elements for tailoring your NetSuite setup to align with your business’s unique requirements. It provides users with a robust solution for tracking business-specific information that may not be flexible in the standard records..Administrators and users with the “Custom Record Entries” permission can create custom records. Users can associate data of custom records with entities, items, or transactions by utilizing custom fields.

To Enable Custom Records Feature In  NetSuite.

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud

On the  SuiteBuilder Tab, and check the Custom Records box.

netsuite custom record

After enabling the feature, NetSuite  allows  us to create Custom Records with other defined options. 

To create a NEW Custom Record 

Navigate to Customizations > list , Records & Fields > Custom Records

Click on New

netsuite custom record
  1. Enter the name for the Record Type.
  2. Enter the Subtab titles under Subtabs.
  3. Input the field names in the ‘Fields‘ subtab as per your requirement..
  4. Click on Save .
netsuite custom record



To learn more about customizations or configuring Custom Records speak to a NetSuite consultant today..

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