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netsuite warehouse dashboards

NetSuite Dashboards for Warehouse Managers

Warehouse management encompasses a broad spectrum, covering aspects from warehouse layout and labor management to daily operations such as receiving, inventory management, order fulfillment, and coordination with shipping partners. The goal is to enhance productivity and efficiency while maintaining low costs.

Warehouse managers play a crucial role in overseeing these activities. Their responsibilities include supervising the storage of products, ensuring accurate inventory accounting, and efficient dispatch of items to customers. NetSuite simplifies this process with a centralized tool—the Warehouse Management Dashboard. This dashboard comprises the following sections.

Key Performance Indicators:

KPIs in the Warehouse Manager Dashboard are metrics that help a business and its warehouse team understand how they can track and reach their goals to enhance productivity and efficiency while maintaining inventory. Some common KPIs includes Inventory, Sales by Customers, Sales Orders by Customers, and Late or Partially Received Orders by Vendor etc.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

Inventory: KPI Scorecard

The Inventory portlet serves as a versatile tool for conducting a thorough comparison across specific time intervals, including today, week-to-date, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date. It facilitates the assessment of discrepancies in inventory value, inventory turnover, and Days Inventory on Hand. This functionality empowers warehouse managers to gain valuable insights into Inventory valuations, ultimately boosting productivity in their operations.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

Monthly Inventory Trend:

This trend graph measures the values of inventory, purchases, and sales by incorporating moving averages over specific periods, providing a dynamic visualization of these metrics within a defined range.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

Available to Sell:

This custom portlet displays a comprehensive overview of SKUs, including detailed information about their respective locations. The information encompasses on-hand quantities, quantities on order, and the available quantity for sale, offering a concise and insightful snapshot of inventory status.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

Top 15 Items By Qty Sold (Date Range: This Month)

This chart highlights the top 15 items sold for the current month, with the flexibility to adjust the date range as needed. This feature allows users to dynamically explore and analyze the most popular items within a specified timeframe.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers


Within this portlet, warehouse managers possess the capability to incorporate reminders, offering valuable support for day-to-day tasks. These reminders encompass critical aspects such as orders to receive, orders to fulfill, and notifications for vendor late purchase orders.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

Inventory Count

Ensuring accurate inventory records in NetSuite helps efficiently monitor available stock, thus preventing overstocks and the associated cost overheads. The following dashboards streamline the process of inventory tracking. Furthermore, there are dashboards that could help you easily track the state of physical inventory like damaged, returned, expired etc.The overall analysis aids in refining inventory management strategies for better accuracy and control.

You could benefit from these dashboards by using the Inventory Count SuiteApp available on NetSuite SuiteApp Marketplace. For more information on the SuiteApp, please click on the image below.

NetSuite Dashboard for Warehouse Managers

In summary, the WMS Dashboard proves to be a versatile tool for warehouse managers, delivering several benefits. It enhances flexibility by optimizing warehouse processes, reduces the likelihood of human error, enables real-time tracking of materials, and contributes to the improvement of both customer and supplier relationships.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to support your NetSuite journey.

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