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SuiteScript Suitelets: Building Custom Pages in NetSuite

If you are looking to build your own custom pages in NetSuite, Suitelets are your answer. Suitelets are a really powerful tool in NetSuite. They are not only useful for creating entirely custom pages, but they are also excellent for building pages that have the same look, feel, and functions as the regular NetSuite pages we are familiar with. SuiteLet Script is like a helpful tool that lets us make special and custom forms based on what a client needs. Sometimes, a business has unique situations that regular forms can’t handle. That’s when Suitelet Script comes in handy because it gives you more freedom to create forms that fit those special needs.


In a SuiteLet, you can make special forms and lists that look like NetSuite pages. You can even create PDF, Excel, and CSV files. SuiteLet works by using the get(request) and post(response) parts of the HTTP protocol.


How Suitelet Scripts Work in NetSuite

A Suitelet essentially consists of two main parts, which are quite straightforward. These parts are called “Get” and “Post.” Initially, the Suitelet script has the ability to “Get” something from the server and display it to the users. After the user has made some changes or interacted with the page, it then has the ability to “Post” back the updated information to the server. Subsequently, the server can perform specific tasks based on this new information. It’s a simple process where the script fetches data first, and then, after user actions, sends back the modified details to the server for further processing. We can create a suitelet page using HTML code or server widget module. 


In NetSuite, there are two kinds of SuiteLets:

Frontend Suitelets

Frontend Suitelets are usually used to make NetSuite look like pages specially made using UI objects. You can create custom page elements like fields, sublists, buttons, forms, columns, etc., in NetSuite using SuiteScript UI objects.


Backend Suitelets

Backend SuiteLets work with behind-the-scenes logic, and this logic can be used by other parts of a custom application. They don’t help in making special pages. Instead, they provide a service for other SuiteScripts to use behind the scenes.


Example of a Suitelet

An example for the Suitelet would be to display a report of cases created during a certain period of time, along with the details of time taken to close each case and may be the resource allocated to handle each of these cases. Users can also have the ability to update the filters like time frame or case type and pull the relevant results accordingly.


Benefits of Suitelets 

Here are some benefits of Suitelets:

  • Unique Reports: You can create special reports that regular searches or reports can’t do.
  • Combine Searches: You can put two searches together into one list and display it to the users.
  • Change Look and Feel: You can freely change how things look – like colors, window size, and where fields are.
  • Get Detailed Data: You can dig deep into data, finding lots of information.
  • Make Interactive Forms: Create forms that people can interact with on your website.
  • Automate Tasks: You can use SuiteLets to do things like automatically file reports, keep track of how well someone is doing, plan time off, and handle other requests from employees.
  • Add Extra Features: You can put in more cool things like exporting data, making charts, and adding special behind-the-scenes logic for creating records and transactions.


In conclusion, Suitelets are a powerful feature in NetSuite that enable us to build custom applications tailored to specific business needs. By leveraging Suitelets, we can enhance user experience and extend the capabilities of NetSuite. Whether you’re looking to create custom forms, automate data processing, or integrate with external systems, Suitelets offer the flexibility and control you need to achieve your goals.

Please reach out to us if you have a requirement or if you are looking for any help with Suitelets

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