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What’s New With Boomi?

Boomi is a cloud-based iPaaS platform that allows businesses to integrate applications, data, and people. It’s designed to help with digital transformation, and can help businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency. Boomi is self-managing, self-learning, and self-scaling. It has a drag-and-drop user interface, and includes a large library of pre-built connectors and shapes. Boomi can help with:

  • Discovering and synchronizing data
  • Automating workflows and processes
  • Focusing on innovation and less on maintenance
  • Collaborating with trading partners
  • Managing APIs
  • Creating automated mobile apps
  • Modernizing customer interactions
  • Saving staff hours with data that has entered once
  • Building powerful APIs

This blog will delve into all the new features Boomi has to offer with its latest release.

Improved User Interface:

  • When the New Canvas Experience is turned on in Boomi, you’ll see a sidebar on the left side of the Build canvas. You can expand it to quickly access the Process Library, and Component Explorer, and create a new process.
boomi atomsphere
  • The new “Process Complete” icon now displays in the Process State details dialog on the Process Reporting page for both dark and light themes when “Enable new build canvas and component icons” is activated.
boomi atomsphere
  • The previous “Show Mapping” icon has been replaced with a new icon. This updated icon is now visible in both dark and light themes when “Enable new build canvas and component icons” is activated.
boomi integration

Upgrade Enhancements for Atoms, Molecules, and Cloud Atoms: 

  • The installers and upgraders for Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud now utilize Java version
boomi atomsphere
  • Atom updates now automatically occur within the first 15 minutes of it being online.
  • You can now use the Worker object to Query the updated status for a specified Atom worker.


In this release, a major update has been rolled out to the HL7 capabilities, which will most benefit healthcare customers. The enhanced composites option has been rolled on for all HL7 profiles. On using this option, composite data elements will be displayed in a hierarchical tree structure that greatly improves the usage of HL7 profiles.

To make it better, when the Enhanced Composition field is enabled in the profile, a new option is set available to specify the delimiter for repeating HL7 data elements.

  • EDI data elements can now repeat. You can now activate the Repeating field within the Advanced section of the data element or the composite root data element configuration panel. Alternatively, you can use the Repeat Delimiter field in the Options tab of the EDI profile.
boomi integration
  • The following HL7 fields are available to get as document properties:

repetitionseperator – Repetition Separator

escapecharacter – Escape Character

outboundackstatus – Outbound Validation Status

outboundackreport – Outbound Validation Report (B2B-3377)


The new release focussed a lot on connectivity, with customer-centric enhancements and improvements. The list is as below.

  • The MongoDB connector is now capable of supporting the latest MongoDB version 6.0.
mongo db
  • In Google Sheets, vulnerabilities of types Improper Authorization,  Deserialization of Untrusted Data, and  Improper Verification of Cryptographic Signature were resolved making the connection even more secure. 
  • We can now extend the properties of a listen operation for each environment using Boomi extensions at operation settings in extensions.
boomi atomsphere
  • In Kafka, The Topic Name can now be imported dynamically across all operations. This is to allow for importing topics that you may not have a connection to browse.
boomi atomsphere
  • A new connector, Tech Preview- Salesforce REST has been introduced in Boomi.It uses REST services which is known for its flexibility. It can handle various data formats, and it’s often used for real-time interactions. It’s suitable for scenarios where customization and adaptability are crucial.
boomi atomsphere
  • As part of a commitment to security, a few critical fixes have been implemented across multiple connectors.

Boomi Discover:

Boomi’s Discover Solutions catalog has gotten even better with a fresh and improved interface!

This is the go-to place for all the templates and services provided by Boomi, designed to help you reach your integration goals quickly. The UI upgrade is just the beginning of several improvements that you’ll experience with Boomi Discover this year.

boomi discover

Issues Fixed: 

  • Now, when using “Stop All Schedules” or “Start All Schedules” in the Deployed Processes panel, listener icons will appear next to respective processes by default.
  • The “Maximum Concurrent Execution per Listener” property is now visible in the Cloud Attachment Quotas tab of the Properties panel.
  • Environment Extensions now correctly uses the default value when the process property has useDefault set to false and no attribute value is provided in the payload, eliminating the use of a blank value
boomi atomsphere
boomi atomsphere
  • The cross reference table no longer allows over 10,000 rows when copying rows.
boomi atomsphere
  • The Copy Folder dialog no longer stretches when copying a folder with a long name, ensuring a better display experience.
  • Error messages no longer display raw HTML text when the server is unresponsive. Instead, the error message now provides a direct link to for accurate status information.
  • XML parsing errors are no longer displayed when Document Viewer is open in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Netsuite: The Netsuite connector can now support SOAP Web Services API Versions 2023.1 and 2023.2.
    • The six latest endpoints are always supported by Netsuite. With the latest 2023.2, the supported WSDL versions are 2023.2, 2023.1, 2022.2, 2022.1, 2021.2, 2021.1.
    • Apart from that, the following endpoints are available but are not supported by NetSuite, 2020.1, 2019.2, 2019.1, 2018.2, 2018.1, 2017.2, 2017.1, 2016.2. It is recommended to update these endpoints to one of the supported WSDL versions.
  • Settings in the Trading Partner extensions are now preserved in the extensions dialog, even when multiple processing groups are employed in a process.
  • If you use the component ID of a process property from a process in your primary account in an API call for your sub-account, the call no longer succeeds.
  • The Component object Create and Update operations no longer fail for processes that are extended with a data map.
  • The Boomi platform properly displays document types for Trading Partner components that are created with the Component object.
  • Process Schedules API now returns 400 error code if a listener process is attempted to be scheduled.
  • An HTTP Client connector with OAuth parameters is now able to update fields with custom property values using the Environment Extensions update API.
  • Shopify: The user can set the deadline with the desired date and time for Fulfillment Orders through the connector.

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