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celigo 2024.5 release notes

Celigo 2024.5.1 Release Notes

What’s new


Celigo AI Knowledge Bot

To further enhance your experience in, this chat window provides instant product support. Describe a flow you would like to build, ask a question, or try an example query, and the Knowledge Bot will provide a concise summary of the information you’re looking for. It will also link to related Help Center articles, all within a maximum response time of 10 seconds.

Receive real-time assistance directly within the platform, greatly reducing the time and effort required to browse external resources, and accelerating your path to meaningful results.

celigo knowledge bot

Natural Language Search

To streamline your resource creation process, simply describe your use case and let Celigo AI present you with the most suitable flow step options, pulling from both your existing resources and the Celigo Marketplace. This feature reduces the time and effort required to find the perfect match for your desired outcome, improving accuracy and enhancing overall efficiency. 

celigo natural language search


What’s Enhanced


Auto-Mapper UX Enhanced

The auto-mapping functionality has been updated to streamline your mapping processes even further. Now, when configuring mappings, you can choose from three direct options to auto-map all fields, a single specific field, or multiple specific fields, ensuring quicker setup without the need for manual prompts.

Additionally, Mapper 2.0 has been refined to automatically select all child fields when a parent field is chosen, and vice versa, while preventing changes to already mapped destination fields for clarity and control.


Celigo Rebrand

Celigo recently completed a rebrand and is reflecting some of those changes. We updated our logo, and revised the global left navigation to reflect the new palette. The navigation’s architecture remains unchanged, so there are no interruptions to your daily operations.


What’s Fixed

  • When changing the connection on an import to Amazon in the Amazon Seller Central – NetSuite integration app, the async helper failed to populate the Result export and Status export
  • In the NetSuite Item to Amazon Product Add/Update flow of the Amazon Seller Central – NetSuite integration app, the display name for a custom category could not be updated
  • Flows connecting to a database via the on-premise agent intermittently paused with the error “Blacklisted Host has been closed”


Connector Updates


What’s new


Connect to Adyen

Facilitate seamless and secure transactions while improving customer experience and operational efficiency.


Connect to Toast

Streamline restaurant management by synchronizing sales, inventory, and customer data, further enhancing operational efficiency and providing a better dining experience.


Connect to Corrigo Enterprise

Optimize facility management processes by automating service requests, maintenance scheduling, and asset management, reducing downtime and boosting operational effectiveness.


Connect to Revel

Enhance the customer experience in retail and hospitality by enabling seamless synchronization of point-of-sale data, inventory, and customer management systems.


Connect to SparkLayer, Zalando, NewStore, and SAP Commerce Cloud

Drive business growth and customer satisfaction by streamlining order management, customer service, and inventory synchronization.


Connect to Otto

Enhance predictive analytics and decision-making capabilities, allowing for more effective inventory management and customer engagement strategies.


Connect to DHL

Optimize logistics and supply chain management by automating shipping processes, tracking, and coordination, leading to faster delivery times and enhanced customer service.


Connect to Lusha, Cognism, Clari, and Salesloft

Optimize sales processes with enriched data, predictive analytics, and streamlined lead management, leading to improved sales performance and more strategic decision-making.


Connect to RollWorks

Improve alignment and ROI on B2B marketing efforts by enabling targeted campaign management and lead engagement across multiple channels.


Connect to PhoneBurner

Streamline outbound call management and automate workflow processes, further enhancing productivity and effectiveness in sales operations.


Connect to Adobe Analytics, Cisco Meraki, and Skai (formerly Kenshoo)

Enable comprehensive data aggregation and real-time analysis, improving strategic decision-making and optimizing business performance across multiple channels.


Connect to Notion, GitLab, GoTo Meeting, and 3D Repo

Boost productivity and project outcomes by enhancing collaboration efficiency, streamlining workflow automation, and synchronizing project updates and resources across the organization.


Connect to Birdview PSA

Optimize project management, resource allocation, and customer relationship management, further enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency.


Connect to Cisco Secure Endpoint

Enhance security posture by automating threat detection and response, streamlining data protection, and ensuring consistent security policies across all digital assets.


Connect to Cornerstone HR and JumpCloud

Streamline HR processes such as payroll, benefits administration, and employee data management, enhancing workforce oversight and operational efficiency.


Connect to Bitly

Optimize and measure campaign performance across multiple platforms by providing centralized link management, tracking, and analytics.


Connect to Benchling

Streamline data flow and collaboration in research and development, enhancing innovation and efficiency by connecting scientific data with operational processes.


Connect to Zenkraft

Optimize logistics workflows by automating shipping, tracking, and returns processes, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Connect to Dropthought

Facilitate seamless feedback collection and analysis, enhancing customer experience and service quality through data-driven insights.


Connect to Collibra, Alfresco Content Services, Contentstack, and Onna

Enable robust data governance, enhanced content management, and seamless information discovery, further streamlining compliance and boosting operational efficiency across diverse organizational workflows.


Connect to BlackLine

Boost overall financial governance and efficiency by enhancing real-time accounting accuracy and improving financial compliance across multiple systems.


Connect to Nanonets

Enhance automation by utilizing machine learning models to process and extract valuable data from documents, improving accuracy and efficiency in data-driven workflows.


Connect to Bloomfire and Couchbase Capella

Facilitate knowledge sharing and data management by streamlining access to real-time, actionable insights and promoting informed decision-making across the organization.


Connect to LiveChat

Enhance customer support and engagement by streamlining communication channels, automating responses, and centralizing customer interaction data for more personalized service delivery


Connect to Oracle OPERA

Optimize hotel management and enhance guest experiences by synchronizing front office, reservations, and customer relationship management systems for operational efficiency.


What’s enhanced


Updated authentication for Workday connection

In the Workday REST API type connection, the Refresh token authentication is now replaced with OAuth 2.0 authentication.


Renamed multiple connector names


Renamed the following connector names:

SharePoint > Microsoft SharePoint

Power BI > Microsoft Power BI > Celigo

SageOne > Sage Business Cloud Accounting


Updated logo for Acumatica

Acumatica has changed its logo, and we have updated it accordingly.


Updated logo for Mailchimp

Mailchimp has changed its logo, and we have updated it accordingly.


Klaviyo connector update 

Klaviyo is deprecating the v1 and v2 APIs effective June 30, 2024. Although you can use the existing connector, it is recommended that all Klaviyo administrators migrate to and use the Klaviyo (Latest) connector at the earliest opportunity. Celigo will remove the Klaviyo (Deprecating) connector after June 2024.


Migrate from deprecated SAP Concur user API endpoints

SAP Concur Expense and Invoice has planned to decommission the User v1.0 API from May 31, 2024, which has been replaced with UPS v4.0 API. Even though you can use the existing API until it gets decommissioned, it is recommended that all the SAP Concur Expense and Invoice administrators migrate the existing API with the new API at the earliest opportunity.


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