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parent-child relationship netsuite custom record

Creating Parent-Child Relationships In Custom Records in NetSuite

Hello NetSuite users! Learn how to optimize your data management by establishing parent-child relationships within the platform and unlock new possibilities for your business operations.

In NetSuite, a parent-child relationship refers to a hierarchical connection between two records. The parent record represents a higher-level entity, while the child record represents a subordinate entity.This structure is the key for data organization and management.


For guidance to enable & create custom records in NetSuite, please check out our blog below.


How to Create a Parent-Child Relationship in NetSuite?

  1. Create Parent & Child records and name them as per your requirement 
  2. To link a child record to a parent record in NetSuite, follow these steps:


Navigate to Fields subtab & Click on New Field. You will be directed to the Custom Field creation page.

  1. Input the desired name for the New field.
  2. In the Type field’s dropdown menu, select “List/Record”.
  3. In the List/Record field, select the parent record you want to associate this list 
  4. Check the “Record Is Parent” box to designate the custom Record as a child record.


 A note on this action: Selecting this option forms a parent-child linkage, with the Parent Record becoming subordinate to the child Record.


Finalize the process by clicking the “Save” button.

Pro-Tip : Parent–child relationships can exist between:

  • Two standard records
  • Two custom records
  • One standard record and one custom record


Please reach out to us for customization or follow our blogs to know more information about custom records. 


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