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Invoice Payments In NetSuite Via Payment Links

NetSuite’s 2021.2 upgrade has brought with it a number of exciting features. One such feature is the introduction of payment links. The payment link feature now makes it easier than ever for customers to pay their invoices online using either their computers or mobile phones. Emailed invoices can now include a QR code link or link to a secure payment portal where customers can view and clear their invoices. Available payment options are credit card, debit card, PayPal or other online payment methods. Customers can choose to pay partially or in full depending on rules set, and NetSuite automatically records the payment accordingly. The new functionality also supports ACH payments directly within the SuiteCommerce MyAccount, allowing suppliers and vendors to pay faster and more efficiently.

Some of the benefits of provided by NetSuite’s payment link feature:

  • Secure payment
  • Email acknowledgement when payment is accepted or rejected
  • Multiple payment methods

The payment link feature is useful for companies who would like instant payments from their customers.

Setting up and using payment links in NetSuite:

  1. Enable the payment link feature
  2. Configure the payment link by providing details like domain prefix, payment method, company logo and company information.
  3. With the setup and configuration complete, a payment link/ QR code for the approved invoice is shared with the customer via email.
  4. On the payment link page, customers can view the invoice summary, status of the invoice and payment amount.
  5. On selecting the desired payment method, the customer can make a payment.
  6. The customer receives an email acknowledgement when the payment is accepted/rejected.

After the 2021.1 release of NetSuite’s payment links, the Tvarana team has been implementing this in-demand feature for a number of clients with great success. Along with reducing manual work, it also means that payments can be created automatically in NetSuite when a customer pays their invoice using the link on their mobile/computer. 

If you are looking to add this configuration to your NetSuite account, set up a consultation with the 79Consulting team today!

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