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SuiteCommerce Customization: Consolidated Payments by 79Consulting

SuiteCommerce Advanced is NetSuite’s premium eCommerce offering with an extensive set of features that bring web stores to life using NetSuite ERP at backend. While SuiteCommerce Advanced is inherently feature-rich and powerful right out of the box, every business is unique and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not always work. The 79Consulting team of SuiteCommerce experts utilize industry-standard best practices to extend the functionality of SuiteCommerce web stores, creating feature-packed extensions and developing innovative customizations to add features to SCA.

The customization we would like to feature in this post is the ability to consolidate payments for multiple invoices in SuiteCommerce Advanced. This feature is particularly useful for B2B websites whose customers have multiple open invoices. The key features of this customization are:

  • When the user makes a consolidated payment for multiple invoices, a single Payment record will be created in NetSuite and the payment applied to the invoices, starting with the oldest one. Any remaining amount will be applied to the next oldest invoice, and so on until the payment has been fully applied.

  • A simple interface where the customer can view the total outstanding amount on their account. When the current outstanding is crosses a certain pre-defined threshold, the balance bar changes color from green to yellow/red.
  • Ability to view and pay invoices pertaining to a particular department, in the case of businesses with multiple locations and departments
  • Ability to provide access to all company invoices to top-level customers, while allowing individual users to only view and pay invoices applicable to them
  • Ability to make a partial payment on the total outstanding amount
  • Ability to download the invoices displayed on the page into a .xls file

If you would like a demo of the consolidated payments customization, please reach out to the 79Consulting team of SuiteCommerce experts.

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